My experiences at EpicWoman Camp have forever changed my expectations of my physical self, and my perceptions of what is possible....

I’m not an elite triathlete.  I’m just a mom that juggles work and family and running/biking/swimming as best I can.  Therefore, I went into the inaugural Epic Camp blind and having zero experience with anything remotely like it.  If fitness is a journey not a destination, then this was like a trip up Mt. Everest for me.  Tara was encouraging but very honest about what I could expect and how prepared I’d need to be.  I came out the other side of the week as it being clearly one of the best (albeit scariest) decisions I’ve made in my life.  I met fabulous women from all over (and all abilities) and, instead of being demoralized by my weaknesses, I was deeply inspired by the strengths and stories of the other women in the camp.  The agenda pushed me well beyond what I thought I was capable of doing and it taught me a very concrete lesson about how much of what I accomplish happens by letting go of expectations and simply reaching for my goal.  I don’t know how she did it while doing everything else, but Tara (and Andrea, Monique and Etienne) managed to get all of us from point to point everyday with pit stops, gear changes, support, and accommodations.  The camp sponsors gave us outstanding gear/nutrition to help us through the week; Etienne’s Mental Coaching was amazing! And above all, it was INCREDIBLY FUN!  

When I read the training schedule for Epic Camp, I immediately told Tara to put Medevac on speed dial. I was seriously intimidated and more nervous than for any race, how would I ever make it?   But I soon realized that by completing one practice at a time, one day at a time, I was able to train longer, better and stay more focused than ever before.  At any difficult moment, there was Tara, fellow Epic Women and Epic Crew to motivate me, offer encouragements and keep me going.    
I discovered stores of strength I never knew I had, found that a funny joke can get your legs to stop protesting and keep pedaling another 50 miles after hitting the wall, learned where my limit is and that it is a good thing, noticed that flowers grow in the desert, wore the “play of the day” jersey twice, got a taste for Nutella and made friends for life.  

Amazing Coach. Amazing Crew. Amazing Women.
Truly an Epic Experience!

Stroke Survivor 2009, IMLP finisher 2010 (that was cake after Epic =)

I've done a few Epic camps over the years, but Epic women was totally unique. Having a group of women come together to challenge themselves and use a good group environment to push themselves to things they never thought they could do. It was allot of laughs and some good bonding between a strong group of ladies. I smile every time I think of the week.


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