EPIC Woman Camp – Day 7

EPIC Woman Camp – Day 7

So hello Day 7. Please be kind to me. I woke up feeling kinda spry this morning. Yesterday ended on a bad (yet inspiring) note and I wanted to finish camp the same way I started it. I decided that I would get up and run the 5k to the swim and run 5k back to complete my run and swim for the day in preparation for the bike. It turned out to be a great choice. I left the house much earlier than my speedy teammates so I could get there and chill before the swim. I had a great run, and an awesome 5k split. I can already feel the strength I have gained in my legs.

Turns out leaving early was the best decision I have made all camp. When I arrived Lindsey Corbin was just “hanging around” before her swim. That could only mean one thing, she was waiting on some training buddies. A few minutes later Chris Lieto shows up followed by Lance. I placed myself at the wall so I could catch them coming down the stairs to start their swim and hopefully get a pic and talk to Lance.

Seconds later here they come and I cheerfully extend my congratulations to Lance on his win in Florida and ask if I may take a picture. They obliged and it turned out to be a pretty cool pic with the lighting and the background. Pretty pleased with myself at this point. Then as they are getting ready to go in Lance decides to stretch and touch his toes in his little Speedo. While the view was mighty nice, growing up a swimmer, well……I have seen better :) Nonetheless, I was not looking away, lol!!

We didn’t follow far behind them for our quick 3k swim and then it was time to complete my run, which included a stop for my favorite Hawaiian breakfast the Aca’i Bowl, mmmm. (see pics). Before I set out on the remainder of my run I was able to get in another pic with Lance and the girls. Hope to get that from Bruce this week!!

After breakfast we headed out on our ride. I managed a solid 56-miler with considerable discomfort but not nearly as bad as the day before. Less wind and less climbing (only 3700ft) were definitely in my favor. I did pay close attention to when my discomfort sets in and noticed that its when my chamois is fully saturated. Note to self, and also it may be time to replace these shorts!!

I was glad when the ride ended to know that my run was already complete. That was a good feeling.

Day 7 in the books…all rides done = happy!!

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