EPIC Woman Camp – Day 5

EPIC Woman Camp – Day 5

Today was a “REST” day. Was so excited for this day to come, it means I am over the hump…..but with my years of camp experience as a swimmer I also know whats on the other side….pure hell but we can revamp that tomorrow ;)

Today was our earliest start time of the camp, but for good reason. We drove out to the bay where the dolphins swim in every morning at sunrise. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we got there but we all had big eyes when we rounded the corner each of us searching the waters for little finz sticking up. The sun wasn’t out and so the water was dark and made it difficult to see, but there in the distance where plenty of finz.

I stripped down pretty quick because I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to swim with some of the most amazing creatures in the world. The toughest part of this swim was navigating the lave and rocks leading to the water being careful not to get swept out and then pushed back onto the rocks. As soon as a wave receded I scurried down the rocks and let the next wave take me it. After that it was sand but I started swimming so that I wasn’t carried back in.

We swam for a little while out to where we thought we thought we saw the dolphins and nothing. We all stopped and looked hoping for just a glimpse and then we saw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and more in the distance. Tara told us to keep our arms in the water and they would come to us. We did and they started to circle around us and beneath us each time getting a little closer. They never came close enough to touch, but they did put on a show that would rival Sea World, jumping into the air. I think it was there way of telling AZ Happy Birthday!!

Once they started to move away we continued our swim to the Captain Cook Monument and back for a total of 4K-ish. I say ish because at times we were swimming out to sea. There wasn’t much to see in the water this time, it was pretty deep and there didn’t appear to be a reef or anything. I did however get a few stings from sea lice.

Once we made it back to shore the challenge was getting out of the water onto the lava and rocks again. I anticipated the surge and braced myself as I came upon the rocks and gripped what I could. I held on for dear life while the water receded and quickly made my plan for the next wave, shoot up and get moving. From there it was just a balancing act on the slippery rocks. I always love a challenge.

Recovery swim, check!

Breakfast was plentiful as usual and then we sat around and chatted and I put together a little questionnaire to get to know these EPIC Women. (continue to read my blog to find out more) After a while I was “ready” to get on my bike for the days ride. It was an “easy” 60k ride that was actually quite enjoyable out the Queens K Highway to what the girls have dubbed the Pretty Beach and back. I rode with Lisa and Joey and we stopped along the way to take some great pictures (see FB page) and also we rode through the Energy Lab, the infamous part of the Ironman Run Course that we all hear about. It was pretty cool and again a reminder of how brutal this course really is. We topped of the ride with a stop at Lava Java, where I had a strawberry and mango smoothie that really hit the spot.

Recovery at EPIC camp has a whole new meaning for me now and it felt really good. The evening wrapped up with some shopping, followed by my second massage of the camp with Geno and another great meal by Eric and Ice Cream cake to celebrate AZ’s birthday.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day……I am ready for you Mt. Wannahockaloogie or whatever the hell your name is. Doesn’t matter because I am going to make you my bitch!!
Bring it Day 6

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