So the minimum camp training for this final day was 3K swim, 20K run. Clearly, with my recently subluxed shoulder (thanks for the new vocab word, katie! ;) ), neither swimming nor running was a good idea. But Tara allowed me to substitute a kick set in the Endless Pool and a 20K walk/hike for the completion points. (Yes, the points game is silly, but i’m a sucker for games…And, as Tara knows, i hate to DNF anything!) The hour of endless kicking was much more pleasant than the four hours of endless walking (south from the epic house on Ali’i drive until it met the Kam III Highway; then i hiked up and down that for a total of 8K since it’s a good stretch of steep grade, wide shoulder road. At one point, a car pulled up alongside me and the driver said, “Are you STILL walking?!?”….and i walked home). It was rather a subdued way to end this week, but still fairly epic in its own way, i guess…Perhaps fitting, as i feel more than ever this camp that despite my best efforts, i am no longer able to keep up the craziness the way i’d like. Don’t know how many more of these this old workhorse can survive! That said, I have truly appreciated being able to return and complete this year’s EpicWoman camp–especially given the abyss i fell into at the end of last season–and look forward to absorbing the volume and wisdom accrued this week in the days and months to come…..A Huge thanks to Eric, David, Bruce and Etienne for taking such good care of us here. And also Merci to Etienne for the thought-provoking mental challenges–Zut alors! And of course, thanks and hugs to T and all the other amazing gals at camp for providing inspiration and laughter all week long—it’s been a great journey!!!
cheers, lisa

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