EPIC Woman Camp – Day 4

EPIC Woman Camp – Day 4

Aloha Day 4!! Last night as I was typing my blog of the day I noticed that I had tingling in my pinky fingers and both hands and its still here today :( Likely from the long hours on the bars since I haven’t spent too much time aero.

I was looking forward to our 3k Time Trial swim this morning. Its the one thing I can do, even tired and still stay with the front girls Tara and Suzanne. There were a lot more fish this morning big and colorful ones bigger even than the first day. I was hoping to see a stingray, but no such luck. Lisa saw one so I had to settle for hearing her description. We still have a few days to go…..

After our time trial we got ready for our double brick extraordinaire. It consisted of a 20-mile bike and 5k run. The first brick was just our warmup so that we knew the course and could strategize for the second one that included a 12k TT Climb and a predict your time on the run. After the first brick my legs were so fried, I just wanted to hold on and finish.

The ride itself only 20-miles, which normally would take no time included some short but devilish hills…..I am talking 22% grade. I will go back and take a pic. It wasn’t long but it was steep. The first time I fought so hard to get up it that I turned my handle bars. The 2nd time I managed it much better but was still leaning over the guardrail trying to prevent my heart from jumping out of my mouth. Did I mention this was just the warm-up to the start of the TT?

My first 5k was actually really good, I was stoked with my time and when it came time to determine our predict a time I used the same time thinking I could hammer it. When it came to transition and I switched out of my cycling shorts and went potty – BIG MISTAKE. Not only did it suck sitting on the toilet but when I made my tinkle Iona heard me screech “fuck, fuck, fuck”…..draw your own conclusion. The last 5k was a slug fest, but I am too damn stubborn to quit.

I am really happy that its over…..I am ready for our “Rest” Day tomorrow and maybe a little shopping too…..

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