Day 8 at Epic Camp

Last Day at the Epic women Camp!! I cannot believe it is over! What an amazing week I had!!

Our last day started out with a 20 km run but of course Tara and David did 30 km (show offs, hahah)!
Had an amazing run and was able to do a negative split! Thanks Michele for that! We started the run together and the goal was to finish it together but at the 15 km mark I tried to get two chomps out of my pouch but the zipper was stuck, so I stopped for a few seconds. Michele kept on running as she did not know I had stopped. So I started to run harder to catch her again. But she turned to see where I was and I knew she would go harder. Damn!!!!
There was a downhill coming and I thought perfect I can close in but of course Michele runs downhill fast (I love downhills).  I could not get closer so I put the third gear in, and I started to make progress! But I had to put it in fourth gear and I managed to be behind her when got close to the gate of the drive way. I passed her and said only 500 m to go. At this point I knew I had to put it into 6 th gear and book it up the hill to the house to not let Michele catch me. Wow was I happy to get to the house. We were laughing about it, that was amazing!!
Friendly competition is good, it made us both work hard and get out of our comfort zone.

I used Etienne’s mental coaching and it worked.

Thanks Tara for pushing me to my physical and mental limits. I really did not think I was able to do what I did this year.

A big thank you to the crew David Taylor and Etienne for all the cooking, driving and entertaining!!
Thank you Tara for being an awesome coach and getting me closer to my goal to get to Kona!!

We finished this camp with a great dinner at Huggo’s and watched a beautiful sunset! Perfect ending !!

See you all next year.


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