Epic Camp 2016 Day 8

Last year I walked 10K to finish camp, this year I ran 30K!  I am stoked.  I have never finished an Epic Camp with a 30K run (or even run 30K in the middle or beginning of camp for that matter), not even my co-ed Epic Camps in New Zealand.  And my body felt great, even after all the mileage.  The beauty of this camp is that the fitness gain from high mileage really is from the bike so the risk of injury is minimal once you are here.

Today we planned to swim at the pool after our runs but it was closed so camp has just been extended a day – we all plan to do one more swim tomorrow :)

I want to thank all my campers – the 8 days of insanity are intense and we all have to work through some ups and downs and we made it :)   Of course, the camp IS MADE 100% POSSIBLE because of David and Etienne and so I want to say to you two:  I LOVE YOU BOTH and thank you.  A few words about our campers:

Michele had some leg issues coming into camp and so it flared up with the bike mileage but we are pretty certain we have fixed her bike fit issue and she is going home from camp injury-free (better than when she came) and a stronger athlete with a kick start to continue training on her mission for 2016 (her runs and swims were great).

Anja came to Epic Camp #2 and the improvement from last year is PHENOMENAL.  Her hard work over the last year showed and I am so excited to watch her develop as an athlete.  She was right with me this camp and she is going to have a kick butt 2016 season.  Watch out!

Alicia came back for camp #2 (she was in Lanzarote) and did her longest training to date.  Unfortunately her undercarriage suffered after a climb post lava sand swim with no butt butter but she toughed it out and will go home and feel the effects of the mileage and have a surge in fitness :)   She also rocked it in her first ocean swims.  So cool.

Lisa was back for camp #7 (she says this is her last one, but she always says that :) ) and despite a hip injury completed this camp incredibly well.  She had to do SOME walking to complete the run but when I caught the Lisa Love Train it was fun (my only draft this camp).  Lisa talks about being slow at 56 but she ain’t slow.  She is a machine.

I also want to thank our AMAZING sponsors – GU, Trek, Zoot and Bike Works for all your help.  We’ll be back next year :)

It was a small camp due to a number of last minute cancelations (I know you’ll all be here next year :) ) but whether small or big, I am psyched to continue making this amazing camp happen.  Ok, so I am getting ready for our final dinner and getting a bit ‘emotional’ – as I drink my Blue Moon beer (that tastes sooooo good right now)… Bring on the final dinner (and final swim tomorrow – Day 9)!!


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