Suddenly we are at the end again of an epicWoman week. Every year brings new challenges and issues to work through but somehow with the support of our crew (the indefatigable David and Etienne!), each other, and of course the amazing and inspiring T, we manage to come out the other side stronger, wiser, and improved versions of ourselves. As the saying goes, “You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need…” ;p

Today was supposed to be a longer run (20k minimum) and swim sets in the pool. We started relatively early to beat the heat, but that proved unnecessary, as Madame Pele again took mercy on us, providing cloud cover/vog to temper the strong sun for most of the run. I wasn’t optimistic when I first headed out, but over the course of the first two miles, my hips stopped complaining and I actually felt like I was almost running. I only had to take a few walking breaks when I felt the familiar unwelcome twinges, but in the end, I managed to ‘run’/jog over 10 miles of the 20k–truly an EpicWoman camp miracle! (I wasn’t sure how my theory about training to the point of exhaustion until your body finds the most efficient and ‘correct’ way to move would hold up; apparently, there seems to be some validity in that logic??! The trigger point massage therapy from Gabby the previous evening most certainly facilitated this as well ;) )

The run route was from the epic house, then north on Ali’i and up to the QueenK where Etienne parked the van at the turnaround point (midway between the harbor road and Honokahau St). As always, the support van waiting just up the road was a welcome sight; E handed me the coconut water I’d sent him out with–nectar of the gods! Retracing my steps a little slower, but still making progress, I was back just about the time my legs and hips cried ‘uncle’. As soon as I got home, I waded into the dipping pool (remembering to take my iPhone out of my pocket first, unlike a few days ago!) and sent up gratitude to the universe for a successful 20k–not fast but steady, and relatively pain-free. Not long after that, David and T returned, equally stoked at the end of their 30k (!!) run. (They are going to rock their 50miler in June!)

After some serious refueling, we set out for swim sets at the pool. But Michele (who had biked there to test out her knee) called T to tell her the pool was closed for a private event. Etienne chose to swim at the pier, but Tara made the executive decision that it looked a bit rough for an end-of-an-epic-week swim (tired, cramping legs and open water swimming are not a good combination)… we went for the traditional post-camp acai bowls instead! (Like Tara, I’d been looking forward to this treat all week; we definitely earned them ;) ) We are going to do our last camp swim tomorrow….

The end of camp dinner at Huggos is always bittersweet, but I think everyone is ready to return to a more normal life after this week of training heaven (and hell!). I’m going home with a very tired body (and awesome swag–special thanks to the camp sponsors: Zoot, GU, and Trek!!) and grateful spirit….especially to my long-suffering husband (who has had to tend to my menagerie this past week), and to Tara, David, Etienne, Alicia, Anja and Michele–till we meet again!
Cheers ;)

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