Day 7 at Epic Camp

Last day riding!! And what a ride it was!
Hills, hills and more hills. Crazy!! After yesterday’s ride I was not 100% sure I was able to do this hilly ride today.
Our warm up consisted of going up hill for about an hour with some flats, than a nice decent down Kam III. At the bottom we lined up (Tara, Lisa and I) for guess what? Correct – a Time Trial! Thank you for that!! Good thing I love you Tara:):)
It was a very hot and humid day, so racing up that road was tough. Tara took of like a mad woman and I was trying the same thing but for the love of god I could not clip in with my right foot. So I really worked hard to catch up to Tara.
A few times I did get closer but she knew I would try and kept checking up on me. That woman has too much power, she kicked it up a notch and pulled away again.
Darn!!!! On the last bit I just could not go any harder, I ran out of gears.
It was awesome.Lol

Then we climbed some more and went back on the upper highway to Palani and turned right and a few km up hill we turned right on Koloko…. And climbed some more. I think it is about 13 km up and when you reach the top it is about 5000 ft of climbing. It was soooo steep I was going zig zag up on some parts. Absolutely insane.
My quads were already hurting but now they are destroyed.
Tara made it all the way up but I stoppedĀ before the last few turns and hopped in the van as I wanted to see the rest of the road. Yikes, I think I would have fallen off the bike on the last climb!

That was an Epic climb for sure. Have to do this one again. Maybe not on the second last day :)

Alicia was not able to ride with us today As she had some issues down below .Ouch!!
Really missed my Twin today! On top of that she is leaving tonight to go back as she is starting a new job next week. All the best and you will be awesome as you are an amazing person. Love you girl!!! See you soon and we will do a class with David . Pilates with David:)

Michele was not with us as she has a knee issue, so she was out as well. Hope you heal up quick so you can have an amazing Ironman.

To finish up the day we had to run 10 km. Surprisingly I was able to run and it was not even to bad of a time after a week of getting destroyed, I ran 56 min. ! Thought for sure it would be over that as my quads are killing me.

Dinner was fantastic and the beer tasted really good tonight. Now I am tired and hop into bed as we are doing our long run 20 km tomorrow plus a swim.

Good night and wish me luck for tomorrow:)

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