Epic Woman Camp 2016 Day 7

EPIC!  I always strive to have one day where I push my limits and watch the campers do the same.  Today was that day.  It looked “short” on paper but the amount of climbing in combination with the heat and vog (volcanic fog), it proved to be one of the toughest rides I have done on this island.

The day started with an ocean swim and the waves had died down back to normal which was great.  I felt so tired starting today’s swim but it was soooo good for my aching body.  Swimming is definitely good for recovery.  I felt much better once it was over :)

Up next was the ride.  I rode a total of 97km and the ascent was over 6500 feet!!  That hurt, in a good way :)   I have not climbed Kaloko for a few years and I was quickly reminded of just how hard this 7 mile climb is (AFTER climbing Hualalai to Holualoa then riding to the end of the upper highway, back down to the bottom of King Kam III and then a TT KOM to the top of King Kam III, back up to the upper highway and North all the way to the start of Kaloko!!!)!  This climb has 5 ‘switchbacks’, however, they are not quick 180 degree turns but long sweeping turns that go on forever.  And these switchbacks get steeper (or just harder the more you climb) and make me have those moments of panic that I will have to unclip and not be able to start riding again because the road is so steep.  The top is about 5000 feet and to get there in 7 miles shows just how much climbing must be done.  I did forgo the last km, mostly because I want to run 30K on the last day of camp…EPIC!

We got home in time to run a 10K before heading out to pick up our Thai take-out.  Yum yum.  I ate so much coconut sticky rice that I have a ‘food baby’ (coined by Epic Woman Andrea Z)!  Good carbo loading for my attempt at a final day of 30K run and 3K swim (I have two swim sets left for points:))…

Alicia left us tonight (early) as her undercarriage has said ‘enough riding Alicia!’ but this means she has more time to get ready to start her new job which is a good thing.  We will miss her :(

One more day.  Hard to believe camp really is almost over… So far my totals are:
Swim:  18K, Bike:  812K, Run:  50K

Bring on Day 8!!

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