day 8

started the day with a 20k runĀ and i was somewhat anxious as my knee ached all night but it was most probably from getting art treatment.. the run turned out be to be great..i love to run and i felt strong.. anja and i started together and stayed together till we reached town and then as we managed to get through town we parted some and then it was race till the end..great fun..its always good to have someone push you and its exactly what we did..i then was completely fired . I didn’t get to do the mileage on the bike which saddened me a great deal but i still put in some great time in swim and i got on my bike and cycled to bike works to finalize my bike fit and then cycled home..i still have some recovery on the knee but was able to cycle and that made me so happy.. i completely enjoyed everyone here ..i came here very excited but in truth i was mentally fried and i believe it all just caught up… and my body just needed to rest more then i would of liked..i think about all the cycling i missed and what would of been the end result of all that..its the unknown.. i leave here with more than i came in..on that thought i can’t say there will be a next time because my life is very unknown right now but i will leave with all the lessons learned..

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