Day 6 at Epic Camp

I cannot believe it is already Day 6.
This is the big day 213 km and because I did not find Kam III I went down a different road and ended up doing more. Oh well good for me. Hahahaha

I loved this ride, I loved it last year and I did this year again.
You ride through the Lava fields, then you are in Switzerland but it is actually called the Kohala’s (it really looks like it up there) and then back through the lava fields. Absolutely stunning.

Of course my Di2 died again and I had to ride back in my small chain ring. Felt like a Hamster, but I sure worked on my cadence.:)
Always looking for the positive. (see Etienne I listen)

The day was fantastic again , that ‘s just that!!
Great crew , great athletes and lots of laughs. And I love laughing.

After this long, long day we all had a drink and it got even funnier. We are all so tired except Karl-Fritz. He does not do much at camp.Hahahaha
Yes he does, he entertains us. Love you David, camp would not be the same without you.

See you all in the morning, need to sleep!!


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