Epic Camp – day 6

Some days require more humour than others to get through and for me (and my sorry undercarriage) that was today. Thank God for my encouraging and good humoured co-campers and coaches who shared their own saddle-related crotchy horror stories and lots of laughs (at my expense this time but I’ll take it).

It all started on day 2 when I forgot to apply chamois butter for a time trial climb after a lava-sand filled swim at Captain Cook. And while I’ve been paying for it ever since, it reached a new level with today’s long ride.

There are all kinds of saddle jokes (fat lip, hamburger, meatloaf, etc.) and any woman who rides will understand the references. Epic Camp can make all of these references a reality (are you sold for next year yet?). It just isn’t EPIC until someone (this time, me) rides until the pain (crotch) seems to fall clear away (off) at about kilometre 140. What a relief it is when you just can’t feel it anymore! – and then at the end of your 200(ish) km ride you get to take a shower! (Is there someone giving birth in the neighbourhood, dear? …)

Anyway, there are too many one-liners to mention that originated from our crew today that will forever make me laugh and no shortage of people to remind me of them once we get home. It was an unforgettable (and yet great) day.

….Eyes locked, David? Pass me something to bite down on – I can’t get back on this bike until I’ve slapped on another handful of (burning minty fresh) chamois butter.

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