day 4

the last couple of days have been a rough go with an inner knee issue that leaves me dry for cycling..:( so today i really wanted my day to be very positive..the day started out with locking my self out of my room..omg now i had to tell them i was locked out and everyone was all set to leave for the swim..luckily we found the a extra key..quickly changed and then headed to the sea ..the plan was 6k but the water was crazy choppy so 4k it was but i still swam all the way out even though i felt a storm in the waters coming..then we headed back for a 10 k run with a 5k estimated time trial. no watches..amazingly i felt pretty good..didnt effect my knee..really pleased with the run and now I’m thinking I’m good to go..back on track to find out i still can’t home- during this time i didn’t not get emotional..i accepted that this has happened and even though my big hopes for this camp are not exactly how i wanted it to be but this stuff happens..and bringing anymore drama to the camp is not productive..its upsetting but now I’m thinking something will come out of this in a very strong really happy the others are not only getting it done but done strongly..everyone has been awesome , food is great..massages are awesome as well..for the next day i will ice ice and is good…

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