Day 4 at Epic Camp

Today we are supposed to have an easier day. This is according to Tara.
The choice was ocean swim or pool swim.
I went to the pool today  as my stomach is still a bit off! I picked the the swim set 12×100 IM/150 swim.
I know I cannot believe it myself.
I was surprised I picked that set myself. Lol
Took me forever but I got it done and no lifeguard jumped in to rescue me:)! So all good!!

Then back to the house for a quick breakfast and off for our 10 km run. 5 km warm up and 5 km Time Trial!! Hahaha
We had to predict our time and than had to run with no watch on and see how close we would get to the time.
I was way off but I was OK with it as I ran faster :) no complaints here.
We all had fantastic runs. Well we are all awesome!!

Back to the house and quick change again into bike gear.
We rode to the pretty beach (can never remember the name of the beach) . But it is beautiful.
On the way back home we stopped at Kope Lani for a coffee. (Shocker) I think Tara had to much sun.Lol

It was a fantastic day again. How can we not? We are in Hawaii!!

Good night.

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