EPIC – day 2

Thanks to my Zoot compression tights I could get up after riding the Kona IM course and start the day with a run – followed by another great ride, ocean swim and then more riding. Lots of climbing in the saddle today required fresh legs!

While each of us attend camp for our own unique reasons and I am not the most competitive person, there is nothing quite as satisfying as suffering (physically and mentally) through new challenges. I am so thankful for all the support I receive from my family, coach and training community as I learn new things about myself and push my limits. EPIC camp really allows me to explore and learn/practice how to manage the stress we feel when we push our limits – and the take aways contribute positively to much more than just my fitness. I am very grateful to be part of this – and send big thanks to (my) FarmBoy, Ayesha and Tara for all they have contributed to the process of getting and supporting me here. :)

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2 comments on “EPIC – day 2

  1. Kevin on said:

    Well said, sweet girl. Enjoy! May the Hawaiian winds be at your back (unless you’re really wanting to test your mettle). xo

  2. Kathleen van den Biggelaar on said:

    So Proud of You!! So excited for your amazing experience – Doing what you love in paradise!

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