Day 6 – Tara

Epic Camp Day 6 is complete which means only two more days to go… Day 3 you think it will never end and Day 8 you can’t believe it’s over…

Today was an ‘eventful’ and ‘epic’ day.  Today was the first day we did not get rained on at all.  This translates to:  Sweatfest!!  It certainly was hot and I felt like I was in the shower a number of times as I climbed in the beating hot sun.  I am not complaining though - I love the heat and I hear it is still miserably cold back home so I am feeling pretty lucky to be here (aside from missing my three year old Maya like you can’t even imagine – well you can if you are a Mom!).

Today’s ride was a second ride to Captain Cook monument, however, this time down our KOM hill (in reverse) and back up to the Queen K highway and home.  Plan was to head down the street with the “MacDonalds” on the corner to the road that turns into Alii Drive and do a KOM up the King Kam III and home (via ANOTHER epic climb up to Holualoa where we are staying).  However, unfortunately, there was no Queen of the Mountain today because Lisa was taken out by a car turning left (thinking they had time to make the turn) on the Queen K highway on the way home.  Fortunately Lisa was aware enough to be on her brakes and do all that she possibly could for the best possible outcome.  Remarkably Lisa has come out with no broken bones and no concussion, and she is happy to report her jersey is not torn and her bike is ok.  She did have to get 7 stitches in her knee (this was apparently a pretty good gash), and has some bruising and scrapes on her left side (but amazingly hardly any road rash).  She is one tough Epic Woman let me tell you!  Sarah and Maya came up behind her, and were able to help.  It was only a few minutes and the ambulance was there (amazing).  Witnesses and police made/took statements and helped Lisa.  Sarah called Etienne he came immediately to the scene to pick up bikes and meet them at the hospital.

When Lisa came home we were so thankful and amazed to see her hardly even walking with a limp.  I am sure the soreness will set in and Lisa will become support crew for the remainder of the camp but she will heal up well with a bit of time.  Maya and Sarah were amazing help (must be particularly difficult to see your Mom injured) and even (at Lisa’s insistence) finished their training for the day.  Lisa will get a massage tomorrow.  Sometimes the pain from an impact can set in at a later time so we will start to get her tissues healing with a good massage.

It was a difficult day to finish my 90K and run, because while I knew Lisa was ok, she was on my mind.  Sarah, Anja, support David and I completed the 90K and headed down to Alii for a 10K run.  Maya followed shortly to PB her 10K run (!!) while Etienne and Lisa filled her prescription for antibiotics!

We all had a nice evening in the end with positive reflections (and eating animal cookies with Nutella).  We were all THANKFUL to have all our Epic Campers together to recount the day and make each other laugh.  This is a special and powerful bonding experience and I am thankful for my amazing Epic Campers and amazing Epic Support Crew.

Play of the day can only go to Sarah, Maya and Lisa for how they handled the bike crash today.

Tomorrow is an ocean swim, a new ride for me – up Mauna Loa :) , and a 10k run…  Lisa will be in the van and it will be great to have her out there tomorrow (and she says she would go crazy staying at home).


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One comment on “Day 6 – Tara

  1. Robyn on said:

    Enjoying the updates! Horrible news about Lisa…I’m glad she is in good hands. Although, im still jealous that she still gets to hang out in epic camp as support. I’m certain there will be no pity coming from Lisa for any of you over the remaining days . I keep hearing about the great food, what happened to David’s elite laundry services? Would love to be there!
    Xo, robyn

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